Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Online Petition to get Wai Nyan blogging again

Many of us have lamented the recent non-activity at Life's Legalities. Therefore, I have decided to take the lead and start this petition. To sign, all you have to do is to leave a comment below together with a heartfelt plea and/or a compelling reason as to why said blogger should resume his online writing for our entertainment edification.

Yes, it's possible; I myself have managed to get back to blogging again after slumbering for quite a while. All we're asking is for a post a week! Well, I speak for myself at least. So come back, and spin a yarn or two for us!

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Blogger Tim said...

come back wai nyan..!!

forget studying for your big legal exam in the middle of the year :p surely that can wait whilst you regal us with tales of working and living in KL.

we miss your online presence..!!!

5:06 am  
Blogger mad_scientist said...

yea ...
Just came back from watching spidey 3 at 1U with 2 frens - including Wai Nyan!
He has more time now, so ... please come back to blogging!!
Help elevate my present boredom at home!! ;-)

5:28 pm  
Blogger Mean Dean said...

Hi there ...

I'm traveling to K.L. in about 10 days, and was looking up Christian bloggers in Malaysia.

Not sure if I'd get a chance to meet anybody but figured while I was over there on business, it couldn't hurt to let people know I'm 'bout town (K.L.) ...

... I also don't know much about the Petition you're talking about. Are there any governmental restrictions to blogging I need to be aware of?

In His Grace,
blogs4God - at - google's mail system ...etc ...

8:53 pm  
Blogger BK said...

Hi Dean,

Sorry if I've replied late as I'm unsure of when you actually posted this! Why don't you hop over to The Agora and you'll fine plenty of Malaysian Christian bloggers there.

Also, as with regards to this petition, this was actually a light-hearted attempt to get one of my friends to blog! Malaysia actually has a very robust blogosphere with a sense of solidarity. The government's a bit nervous about the more outspoken political elements, see eg. Walk with Us, but Malaysian Christian blogs are still very much under the radar.

Hope that helps,

3:39 pm  

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