Thursday, April 19, 2007

The NBA season ended today

[This post is also to discover if anybody out there loves the NBA too.]

I have participated, with the exception of 2005/06, in an NBA fantasy league for the last 4 years - this year I'm fourth, which was more or less where I was the whole season. (I'm a two-time winner, btw. :-p) I briefly flirted with 2nd place, but was mostly fighting for 3rd. The eventual winner was quite something, though - he started out hovering between 4th or 5th; roughly a third into the season he picked up a free agent that propelled him into 2nd. That's where I thought he'll end up, since the league leader for just about the whole season was so far ahead, but somehow in the last week he overtook him! It was truly impressive.

My best gamble was Deron Williams, who had a breakout season, and I did benefit, in spurts, from Monta Ellis, Al Harrington and J.R Smith too. Carmelo was doing fine until he got himself suspended for 15 games. Gerald Wallace was frustrating - he was a complete stud in the final quarter of the season, but he's so injury-prone I don't know if it was worth it. I missed out picking up Bierdrins when he was shooting something like 78% FG though.

Anyway, my season-ending awards:
MVP: Dirk Nowitzki. Just beats out Nash. If the Lakers had a better record, I'll give it to Kobe.
6th Man: Probably Leandro Barbosa.
Defensive Player: No Artest, No Ben Wallace. So Duncan. If Gerald Wallace wasn't injured so often he had a chance.
Most Improved: Some will plum for Kevin Martin, but Monta Ellis is who I'm going with.
Rookie of the Year: I don't know, since I can't watch the NBA in the UK so am not familiar with any of the new guys. But everyone seems to be putting their money on Brandon Roy.

And this year's NBA champs? ...I think the Mavs will win it, but I want the Suns to. So, Phoenix Suns!


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