Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great Day at the Boat Race

boat race route On Saturday I went with a couple of friends to watch my alma mater go up against our archrivals in the annual boat race. It was good fun; the first time I've gone to see it live. We got to Hammersmith Bridge, which is the halfway point, at about 2.30, and there were already throngs of people about. The race starts at 4.30, but my friend said that we needed to be there early, and he was right! Never figured that a rowing race would draw so many people.

As for the result, I'll have you know that this only goes to prove our generosity, for out of our boundless compassion for the poor Tabs, who have only won once in the last 5 years, we decided that we could loan them the trophy for a while =P

We were the underdogs this year, since the Tabs boasted 2 world champions this time around, and we started pretty well, taking the early lead. In fact, I was quite optimistic since they were still in front at the halfway mark. Taunting the Tabs at that stage was great, as was joining in the rousing cheer of "Oxxxxxfuuuuurd!!!!"

According to the good folks on ITV however (there was a big screen nearby), the Cambridge crew upped their stroke rate by 5, and we never found the extra gear to match them, and in the end it was a comprehensive victory for the Light Blues. So much for hypnotherapy...

See Boat Race live...check!


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