Friday, March 23, 2007

Two Timothy

In about a month's time I'll be off on a weekend away where we'll be thinking a little more of ministry, especially in a small group context. We'll mostly be looking at 2 Timothy, and all of us who are going have been asked to read through the letter beforehand. I'll also be leading a short (10-15 minute) study on 2:14-26. :-0

Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to blog through the letter. For one thing it'll help me be more disciplined in reading, but it might also be great to let you all "sharpen" me. It might be in correcting or refining my exegesis, catching me if my interpretation is off somewhere, perhaps asking questions that I haven't thought of, wondering aloud etc. But even more than that, we might be able to reflect together on how 2 Timothy should change our thinking, our worldview, and ultimately, our lives.

The version I'm reading from is the ESV, since that's what we'll be using at the retreat. John Stott's The Message of 2 Timothy is at hand to help me through difficult parts, but apart from introductory matters, I shall resist using it until I have read through the primary material itself.

So yeah, this is an open invitation for anyone to join me!


Blogger mad_scientist said...

Nice to see how you'll present 2 Tim, a book full of treasures ... will b waiting to join in - if i have some extra time apart from my typing!

4:25 pm  

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