Friday, March 16, 2007

An emerging church webliography

Although I’ve been acquainted with (and I mean this in the sense of having heard about and having read both proponents and detractors, and not in the sense that I’m affiliated or have actually seen an expression of) the “emerging church” for a while, it’s not something that really registers with my everyday life. Most of my friends have never even heard of the term, never mind have an opinion in it.

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that is starting to change, and I have been asked what it is, and what I think about it. Considering men and women far wiser and more experienced than I have struggled to answer such questions, I would prefer to defer judgment on this one. Instead, I thought it best to offer a webliography of what I think might offer the best summaries and flavours. There is, and I guess this is due to the nature of the Web as well, some rather ill-informed and hasty stuff out there, and I hope that the below would separate the gold from the dross. And then, I’ll offer a few preliminary thoughts. For the record, I don’t necessarily agree with every single thing stated in the webliography below.

If you only read two, then I suggest reading the McKnight and Taylor pieces; the former being more sympathetic while the latter having more reservations. If you are Malaysian, then do read Ps. Sivin’s take as well.

I shall offer a few thoughts tomorrow, since this is pretty long!
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Blogger Sivin Kit said...

My friends and I are humbled by being included in your distinguished list :-)

2:22 pm  

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