Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Was she afraid of batty bloodsuckers?

I need a respite from some of the heaviness of previous posts!

On my way somewhere - I can't remember where exactly - last week, I hopped onto a very full Tube train. So there I was, packed into this particular carriage like a tin of sardines, but thinking myself lucky that I didn't have to wait on a crowded platform and lose precious minutes. As the beeps indicating that the train doors were closing sounded, the lady next to me turned to her companion and remarked:

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten all that garlic!"


You know, all that government investment in extra carriages had better be speeded up quick...

P/S If you're in London, do go see the Natural History Museum's WildLife Photography Exhibition. It's £3.50 for students, and worth every penny.


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