Friday, May 19, 2006

5 down, 2 to go...

and I desperately need sleep.

So far they've been ok, apart from my Shakespeare paper which I've written off as a lost cause. In some ways actually having the exams is a good thing, 'cause once you get over the initial nervousness it can be fun, in a twisted sort of way. Hey, I even ended up playing an old platform game last night blasting away at aliens and zombies and whatnot.

Confession: To show you how mature this Finalist is, everytime the girl in front of me sits down in the exam hall, I get this insane urge to pull her hair. 'Cause it just looks so...pullable.

*Inquest into BK's sanity begins*

And I thought it would be a hassle, but I'm actually finding dressing up for exams quite fun!


I don't think I've ever commented on politics in this blog before, but those who know me know that I'm a keen observer (must be due to being the son of a lawyer), and I'm currently taking a particular interest in the current Sarawak elections. I feel that this is a golden opportunity for the Opposition to pick up a few seats tomorrow; 5 would be a good number. Over the past 2 years I've felt a growing dismay as certain injustices at home seem to have become more blatant, and I've been praying that there'll be certain checks to redress this.

I expect DAP to retain Kidurong, win a seat in Kuching and possibly Sibu, and hopefully Daniel Tajem will win and another Dayak will win somewhere. Maybe Baru Bian, who until recently was my home church elder and a notable land rights lawyer. I noticed when I perused this years opposition candidates that a lot of them were former civil servants or formerly affiliated with BN parties, showing that there is some discontent with the current state of affairs. A former Industrial Court judge is also contesting. It's not so much the BN as certain individuals who are beginning to think that they're invisible.

This brings to mind my devotional a couple of weeks ago from Luke 19, where we had the story of Zaccheus. I remember that it struck me particularly when I was pondering who would be the equivalent of a Zaccheus in today's society, and to my shock realising that it would be exactly the corrupt government official whom we complain about so much. That really hit home, as Jesus showed great love to him even as he called him to repentance, and it made me remember that these people need to be shown love too.

Anyway, am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, but I also need to hit the books for next week's paper. Will blog to you then!

UPDATE (20/5): Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant - 9 seats, more than I expected, with Kuching being almost entirely swept by the opposition. A couple of other seats were won with razor-thin majorities. Not surprisingly, the backlash was mostly led by the Chinese. It might not seem much, but in the context of Sarawakian politics this is big.

Do remember in our prayers not just to pray for ourselves but for our leaders as well, whereever we are.

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