Monday, April 03, 2006

I hear the sound of Finals looming...

a restless hibernation?'Tis the season for hibernation. Although this blog hasn't exactly been a hive of activity over the past few months. As exams approach, however, I will have to take an enforced leave of absence for the next 6-7 weeks. I hesitate to say I'll be gone completely, since more likely than not, random posts might pop up with subject titles such as I'MGOINGTODIEI'MGOINGTODIE and twisted musings such as "A voice is heard in Oxford, mourning and great weeping, BK weeping for his future and refusing to be comforted, because his degree is no more." Or I might blog for therapeutic purposes: '#%$^@^%$@!%$^@%#$...'

Otherwise, this blog should lay dormant for a while. D-Day is May 15, and it ends roughly 12 days later. I'll truly appreciate prayers that this wouldn't be a fitful sleep, and I'll be refreshed when I return to the land of the living. Hanging on to God is tough but imperative. Do keep conversing in the tagboard if you feel like it. :-)

Blogger Tim said...

hey you guys won the rowing competition against cambridge.

go oxford.


12:05 am  
Blogger BK said...

But we knew we were going to win it anyway, like we always do - it's getting boring.


11:27 pm  

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