Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The wrap

Am still struggling with revision; it's all too easy to be idle. I really need to see my work as infused with meaning...

Anyway, I'm overdue for a wrap, so here's one:

Comment Magazine is the bimonthly publication of the neo-Calvinist, Canadian-based Work Research Foundation. Gideon Strauss, himself a blogger, is the editor, and the Foundation is associated with Kuyperians such as Al Wolters and Calvin Seerveld. (If anyone wants to get me Seerveld's hard-to-find books, I'll be extremely happy and grateful!)

• Two old articles at Christianity Today which were very thoughtful: Michael Horton's How the Kingdom Comes, on the relationship between Christianity and culture, and Tim Stafford's Making Do with More, on living in a consumer culture.

Weekend Fisher on promiscuity as sexual homelessness. Another thoughtful piece. I think I was reading this in light of a raft of articles about sex both in my student newspapers and a really fascinating article on escort services and its burgeoning appeal among the middle class in the Times.

God loves maths. And arts. And science... I found this a very hard read. Still do. I've learnt enough to deny a two-tiered Christianity in theory, but often it's much harder to enjoy your work for God.

Remembering Thomas Cranmer - Last Tuesday was the 450th anniversary of the burning at the stake of the Archbishop of Canterbury, a modern-day Peter. You can read his story here.

Orphans of God. I really liked this poem. I will rise from my bed with a question again...

About sleep. Read the comments thread too. The reason I draw attention to this is that my own sleeping habits, which were very disciplined for most of my life, went out of whack when I came to university, and I think a lot of the reasons suggested, namely the internet/media is a primary culprit. I've been thinking that it's certainly true that a lot of devices invented to make communication easier has ended up becoming our time-wasters! The human heart is indeed a fickle thing...

Simple Bible commentaries, for people whose first language isn't English. I'm glad someone's developing stuff like this; I'm sure it will be helpful to many people.

How Oxford has taught America a new way to fight battles - Thought Sejarah was a useless subject? Think Gerald Templer is an insignificant name? Guess what? Somewhat bizzarely, the American army is studying the Malayan insurgency as a possible model in dealing what's happening in Iraq.

• Check out Sherman's recent blog posts, which includes a fascinating piece on postcolonial orthodoxy and a new series on friendship, which starts with the Trinity - good reminder!

• For some reason, this little article in the teen section of Christianity Today tugged at me.

..."That was when my heart really started to ache for him. Poor Ruben was having a really bad day, and some of the things he was describing weren't going to change anytime soon. Worse, I couldn't fix his problems: I couldn't fight off his bullies. I couldn't find his cat. I couldn't stop the gangs. I couldn't do anything about the train...And I think I begin, in a small way, to understand Jesus' tenderness for children. Why he made time for them and encouraged them to come to him (Mark 10:13-16)...I have to trust God and do my best to be a good friend, tutor and listener to Ruben"

I think it's because it brings to the fore that there are so many things we can't control, and that's why trusting God is both so liberating and frightening at the same time.

• I was gutted when Sixpence None the Richer broke up (amicably, I must add). Most people know them only because of "Kiss Me" but they're a much richer band, muscially speaking, than that. I thought after Divine Discontent, they were ready to make a masterpiece but it was not to be. So I'm excited because Leigh Nash is coming out with a solo album!

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I miss Six pence none the richer too .. I loved "the Beautiful mess".

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