Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Intermission: In this fragile world, you are the only firm foundation...

Everlasting God,
The years go by but You're unchanging
In this fragile world,
You are the only firm foundation

Always loving, always true
Always merciful and good, so good

Yesterday today and forever
You are the same, you never change
Yesterday today and forever
You are faithful and
we will trust in You

Uncreated One
You have no end and no beginning
Earthly powers fade,
But there is no end to your kingdom

Vicky Beeching

If things go alright, maybe there'll be a proper blog post tomorrow! Oh, and happy belated Valentine's day. Are you allowed to send a belated Valentine's greeting? (I guess if you do, then your Valentine becomes your ex-Valentine...)

But yeah, blog posts may fade away, but the word of God stands forever. :)

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