Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Are you going hyper-Calvinistic?

25 warning signs that you might be obssessing with Calvinism.
(HT: Justin Taylor)

[If you're not sure what Calvinism is, then this post might be a little confusing and will have you convinced that my sense of humour is ah....deficient. :) But then again, it was all predestined anyway. :-p ]

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Absolutely great post.

No. 10 is absolutely on the mark. It's become a bit of a joke actually, because the guy reads, endorses and writes forwards to so many books! Hmmm....considering that he endorsed a recent N.T Wright book, I wonder if the Reformed community will now disown him for not being "Reformed enough"? :-p

OK, this is scary. I knew every name on no.7. At least I know what my kids names are going to be (Jon, John, Jonny, Johnita?); there's empirical evidence that this will ensure that they'll be part of the true covenant family. :-p Eh, you're not a paedobaptist? Out, Out!

Oooh, I think I'm a heretic, because I'm listening to the guy listed in No.6 right now. (Derek did an interview with Challies recently, and in the process, destroyed the common stereotype of Reformed evangelicals.)

Hmmm....I'm mostly an IVP guy, not a Banner of Truth guy. (No.20) I also own books from Zondervan, Kingsway and Regal. *gasp* Am I one of those people who occupy the second-lowest dormitory in hell (only above Hitler and Pol Pot)? Could I be...charismatic? Woe is me...

I think I need to work harder on my Calvinist credentials...

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