Saturday, December 10, 2005

The mini-wrap: More Narnia links

One of my favourite critics, Jeffrey Overstreet, turns in a high-quality review.

Peter Chattaway of FilmChat's review.

Chuck Colson's review.

The Chronicle of Higher Education carries an article that ably defends Narnia against some of the common charges laid against it, especially by Philip Pullman. Incidentally, I went to watch a Pullman-penned Sherlock Holmes play last night. Pretty fun, but Pullman's probably a better novelist that playwright.

Alan Jacobs, professor of English, cultural critic, and author of among others, A Visit to Vanity Fair posts an insightful essay on the imaginative world of Lewis.

The vitriol against Lewis in some sections of the media is quite amazing. I've already mentioned The Guardian, but both the New York Times (subscription required, so I'm forced to link to a second-hand account) and the New Yorker published quite deeply antagonistic articles regarding Lewis.

At the same time, we have to guard against idolizing Lewis. One of the great, experiential truths of Christianity is the fact that God uses weak, fallible people all the time, and Lewis is no exception. Genius, Grief and Grace is a great book that looks at the great heroes of the faith, warts and all, including Lewis. If Lewis were alive today, he won't be the most obvious candidate to become the next pastor of your church - after all, his view on Scripture wasn't orthodox, he lived with a woman who was older than him for over 30 years, and was good friends with a homosexual. Not your typical profile, eh? Then again, Abram, Gideon, and Paul weren't what you were expecting either.

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