Friday, January 13, 2006

The next 6 months are going to be harsh...

I've just finished my collections*, and it wasn't the best, I guess. I think I did ok on 2 questions, but the last question, which actually isn't all that hard, simply showed up my lack of revision. I definitely won't be getting more than 55 for that one(and this is me being optimistic, I suspect it might dip into the 40s). And unfortunately, it's the tutor who's the least impressed with me - I managed to earn a ticking off from her last term - who'll be marking it.

And I think all my exam-taking muscles are rusty. This is the first test I've sat for in over 1 1/4 years (the structure of my course means that Finals** are everything, and I do mean everything), and by the second hour I was already tired. To think, I once used to be able to do 6 hours in the exam hall!

Seriously though, I cannot see how I will be able to blog with any sort of regularity for the next 6 months or so. I already feel like I'm barely coping as it stands. The best I can do, and even this might be stretching it, is once a week. So hmmm...I thought I could do something systematic. I have this Christianity and the Arts series (which will be very long) that I was thinking of doing, but requires lots of drafting first, or maybe I was thinking of just posting some book reviews of the books on my bookshelf (I'm thinking only Christian ones for now). Or something else. What do you think?

* more arcane Oxford jargon, incomprehensible to any outsider, with more than one meaning, in this case, mock exams of a sort which don't count for anything, but which terrify first years and bore 2nd and 3rd years who are more worldly-wise.

** niggly little exams designed to drive you insane.

Blogger SK said...

For me, anything to do with how you're keeping is most desirable. Book reviews? They're okay lah.

5:17 am  
Anonymous Wynn said...

here's an idea. set aside one day, and i mean just one day, to write one very long blog article. then split it into 8 parts. then post one part each week. that will keep us coming back for more, and we know when to check your blog for an update. just an idea of course.

9:39 am  
Anonymous Kon Yew said...

Wynn's idea sounds great! This is the reverse of taking exams in which you spend 3 years (allegedly) accumulating knowledge that is to be "posted" on the exam "blog" over a course of a few days.

11:42 pm  

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