Sunday, December 18, 2005

To my blog readers / The last wrap of 2005


I'm aware that the quality of my blogging has been slipping lately, and even if you don't think so, I think I can do so much better than this. I have been feeling very tired and worn out this academic year, and I'm going through a spiritually dry season. And it can be really hard to know how to write sometimes, because although I'm sure my readership is pretty small, it's a diverse bunch of people and I'm very ambivalent at where I should pitch my blogging at. I guess maybe some will say then I should blog for myself, or blog to the glory of God (just to sound more spiritual *grin*) but that doesn't necessarily solve the problem. But please excuse me, with so many other things calling on my attention, I'm not giving this blog as much care as I should. I'm in a funk.

Anyway, as I'll be away for the next 2 weeks, I won't be blogging, so let me wish all my blog readers a very happy Christmas! Let me leave you with a wrap:

Ten Reasons to Listen to Questions before you answer" - Listening, a lost art.

Through flawed leaders - Old piece, which I liked a lot. And feel encouraged by.

Adrian interviews Richard Cunningham - Richard Cunningham is the national director of UCCF, which of course I'm heavily involved in.

The Marks of the Pharisee - Doug Wilson makes us rethink our portrait of the Pharisee...and ourselves.

Preparing a sermon (with John Stott) - Joshua Harris talks us through the basics of preparing a sermon. And his advice for the blogosphere is worth a read as well.

Andree's aphorisms - As advertised. Those on prayer especially ring true.

LibraryThing - Good idea! Catalogue your books online and share it with friends. But free signup only limits you to 200 books though.

Deferred success is the new term for failure - The year's top politically correct words.

Food! Glorious food!

Wizards of Winter video - OK, this guy is a genius, very rich, very bored and very annoying, all at once. Using Christmas lights in an *ahem* ingenious way.

P/S Really like the Narnia movie. Despite all the positive reviews, went in with fairly low expectations. Lucy was a delight from start to finish. My only quibble is Aslan-related. But definitely worth a watch.


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