Friday, January 27, 2006

My virtual library

LibraryThing is a nifty little tool and such a good idea! I've managed to catalogue some of my books, so feel free to have a browse through my library; also, please feel free to ask if you want to borrow anything.

As LibraryThing only allows me to catalogue up to 200 books on a free account, I have to be selective. So let me explain my selection criteria. For the moment, I've only added explicitly Christian, non-fiction books. This isn't because I think non-fiction is somehow superior to fiction (far from it!) but I thought this might be what will be of most interest to my readers. I've also only listed books that I actually own (i.e I bought them, they were given to me as gifts etc.) as opposed to books which technically belong to my family, even if I was the only person to have read them.

I've read the majority of the books listed; however, there are still quite a few that I haven't had the time to get round to reading yet. A chief vice of mine - buying books faster than I can read them! (And this isn't counting those that I haven't listed!) Most of them are with me right now, but a few are back home in Malaysia or in London, sitting on my brother's bookshelf.

My tags are somewhat arbitrary and idiosyncratic as well; I'll clean them up at some point. (read: BK's procrastination will be such that he's never going to do anything about them...)

Would anyone like to pay the US$25 it costs to upgrade my account to a lifetime one? :-p The limit of 200 books would be removed then. I suspect browsing through my library would also give you some clues as to where my interests/leanings/passions lie.

One final bit of useless information: Well-known blogger Steve McCoy and I own 29 of the same books!

Peek into my library!

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