Sunday, February 15, 2009


Blogger Tremonti said...


This reminds me of a sermon I did a depicting life as boxed, a narrow christian life that is. My take was on a different angle but this sure brings back memories. Are you from Sarawak (a given though; but I think I had to ask to be seen polite :) ). Just got to you blog link from the Angora site. I'm from Sarawak too btw.

5:29 pm  
Blogger BK said...

Hi, yes I am a Sarawakian, although I'm currently on distant shores at the moment!

I've had a quick look at your blog. You have to be a one of a kind: a Reformergent charismatic Kelabit?

P/S I own "Bario Revival" too!

9:58 pm  
Blogger Tremonti said...


Haha. I just like to play around with labels. But that pretty much sums up how I think. I'll be blogging about the book (Bario Revival) when I have gathered some thoughts about it. And its good to meet you too. Will be a constant visitor to your blog. And might i add, cool blog.

6:03 am  

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