Friday, January 30, 2009

The week: looking back, looking fwd

Uni Mission week is coming up. Some of my friends in Malaysia look quizically at me when I mention this - and I don't blame them, it's quite a British Christian jargony word! Basically, while providing a witness to the Lord Jesus, verbally and holistically, should be part and parcel of the everyday life of a Christian, mission week provides an especially good opportunity to step evangelism up a gear, with plenty of formal events, be it apologetics or gospel preaching, to providing safe places for informal conversations. But far better to just see what it's like! Krish Kandiah, who works for the Evangelical Alliance UK, has just blogged through the mission week at Warwick University:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 3 continued
Day 4
Day 5

All universities are different of course, but it does capture the flavour well! I still remember my last mission week; I was terrified at knocking door-to-door and offering gospels (as in Mark Luke etc.), but that turned out to be a great learning experience. And of course, I got to see one person give her life to Jesus.

I'm not as directly involved, seeing as I'm no longer a university student, but will definitely be on hand to support some of the stuff being done. Am especially pleased to see them attempt some stuff specifically directed at international students for the first time, as they're the ones who tend to fall through the cracks at weeks like these, at least here.

It's been a big week, and I'm pretty tired, exhausted-tired rather than lack-of-sleep tired (although that has to be a contributing factor). I listened to John Lennox for the 4th time on Tuesday, and then we had a big church prayer meeting for our mission partners on Wednesday. That was good, was encouraged by just the huge number of mission partners we sent out and challenged when I realise what our mission partners have chosen to sacrifice. Then it was a leaving party for one of the Japanese in my group last night - the sushi was excellent! I'm also trying to finish off prepping for Sunday School, always more work than you think! I am a little grumpy that my off-day tomorrow isn't quite an off day therefore, as along with Sunday School there's training in the morning, but hopefully I'll find something completely relaxing to do in the afternoon! I've got to think through some decisions as well, but it's best if at least for one day tomorrow, I leave them to the side.

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