Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to do Bible bashing without Bible bashing

Conversation in the kitchen while my flatmate does some dish-washing...

Me: (lamenting) I think I've got the basic point of the passage, but I just don't have any inspiration on how to write this talk.

Flatmate: Yeah. The thing is to see where it applies in your life, where it grips you, and it suddenly becomes easier to see what direction to take your talk.

Me: (lightbulb beginning to glow brightly above head)'re so right! Thanks, that's good advice!

Flatmate: (grin) That's the hard thing about being Bible-teachers. You forget you're supposed to be Bible-doers as well.

There's even a meta-application going on here: he was obeying James 1:22 at the same time he was pointing me to it. Or put another way, he was being a Bible-doer precisely at the moment he was being a Bible-teacher to me.

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Blogger Kon Yew said...

Thanks for sharing this really helpful entry. It's so simple yet so easily forgotten. How are you getting on at work?

4:22 pm  
Blogger BK said...

Hey Kon Yew, great to hear from you! I'm pretty tired this week - loads of things going on. Plus, it's mission week starting this Sunday! Hope you're adjusting to being back home!

10:22 pm  

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