Thursday, May 25, 2006

It is done!!!

carnival atmosphere greets the finishing Finalists!a message of thanks
Few words as am still very tired.

That's it. My days as a student are formally over, for the time being anyway. Technically I still remain a student, and of course you never escape the school of life, but all I'm waiting for is the results (as long as the tutors don't go on strike - a very real worry) and graduation.

Finals was certainly a gruelling experience, and I feel especially for the lawyers who will be taking 9 papers in 2 weeks, including six in six days. Having done 5 in 5 days myself, and 7 in 11 days, I can testify just how much it takes out of you.

Anyway, as my brother said, all I have to do now is merely to plan the rest of my life.

I'm going away for the weekend to visit a friend in York, so I will probably say more only after I get back. To others still taking exams, yes, you will get through it!

[The pic on the left is the back road of the Exam Schools, where all finishing Finalists exit to a carnivalesque atmosphere. Before the authorities clamped down, you could reasonably be expected to be doused with flour, cream-pied in the face and showered with champagne. My friends threatened sphagetti and baked beans, but opted to douse me with sparkling water instead. => ]

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