Monday, February 22, 2010

Preaching on the ultimate treasure

Talk about getting thrown into the deep end! After preaching a full sermon for the first time a few weeks ago, I preached at 3 services yesterday. Obviously ppl haven''t been put off by me...yet. :) We're about to start a series finishing off Matthew (chapters 26-28), and I had Matthew 26:1-16, where the woman pours perfume all over Jesus. I think I found the passage personally beneficial as well, as like most of us, I struggle to treasure Jesus from day to day.

For what it's worth, you can actually download it here. Unfortunately, the sound quality is not very good. But if you right click and save it, and then turn the volume up, you can catch most of what I'm saying, I think. This was recorded at the first service, where I was probably the least fluent, so you can catch a few stumbles here and there. It's the same sermon at all 3 services, but with some slight variations. The first service has more families and some expats, so one section of application and language was adjusted accordingly. I applied one point differently at the other services, and allowed myself a tiny bit more local expression. The first minute is me just making some preliminary remarks and praying, and the sermon starts a minute in.

The Bible version used is the ESV. There was an outline to follow, roughly reproduced here:
Introduction: King of Kings, Majesty?

Jesus' teaching in Matthew's Gospel

The setting (v.1-2)

The characters
The chief priests and the elders (v.3-5)

The woman and the disciples (v.6-13)

    - Grace and poverty (2 Cor. 8:1-9)

Judas (v-14-16)

    - OT background: Faithful and unfaithful shepherds (Zec. 10:1-11:14)

Jesus, our Treasure

The song sung right before the sermon was King of Kings, Majesty (Jarrod Cooper) and the song offered in response was I Will Offer up my life (Matt Redman)

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