Thursday, December 10, 2009

(Sovereign Grace) Music

We Sing from the album Sons & Daughters - starts properly 45 seconds in

We’ve come together in Your name
We’ve come together to proclaim
How great You are
Once we were going our own ways
Now we’re a people for Your praise
How great You are

We sing as sons and daughters
Sing to God our Father
All because of Jesus
We sing, His blood has bought us
Sing, Your mercy called us
All because of Jesus we sing

Jesus, You’re powerful to save
Jesus, You’ve risen from the grave
How great You are
Your blood gave us peace with God
Your love has broken down our walls
How great You are

By grace we have been saved
To be Your dwelling place
You took our curse and made us one
It’s nothing we could do
Our only boast is You
So we rejoice in what You’ve done

© Joel Sczebel, Pat Sczebel, and Todd Twining

I really like what Sovereign Grace Music is doing - great lyrics with great congregational singability. I own and love Songs for the Cross-centered Life and Valley of Vision. Even their older album All We Long to See, which I listened to online, didn't quite sound as dated as I expected; enjoyed it too. Still, too little people know about them, so doing my little bit here to commend them. One song Malaysian Christians might recognise is written by a Sov Grace writer before they became Sov Grace: I stand in Awe (You are beautiful beyond description).

Some of their strongest songs: I Will Glory in my Redeemer, Jesus Thank You, The Glories of Calvary, O Great God, Let Your Kingdom Come, their reworking of the hymn Before the Throne of God Above.

Other recent music
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