Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Anyone wants to play secret Santa?

Thought I'll indulge a little and post a partial book wishlist - partial, because a complete list will probably be never-ending! :-p I'll also just stick to Christian books on this one. Now, who wants to buy me any of the following, or at least contribute an Amazon gift voucher...

If it's in italics, that means that given the opportunity, I'll be sorely sorely tempted to get it.

  • A good evangelical NT intro - this is the one I'm eyeing.
    Beginning to think that having an NT intro would be useful, and people have been nothing but positive about this one by Kostenberger et al.; at the very least, on par with Carson/Moo.

  • FAQS, ed. Alison Mitchell
    Youth work is definitely a possibility for the future, but I've never really done any reading in this area. This is apparently a very good intro book.

  • Making sense of the Bible by H.H. Drake Williams III
    An intermediate-level book tracing 10 themes (eg. covenant, Holy Spirit) through Scripture.

  • God the Peacemaker by Graham Cole
    Latest in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, looking at the impact of the cross at both personal and cosmic levels.

  • The Power of words and the wonder of God, eds. John Piper and Justin Taylor
    The theme of the Desiring God 2008 conference in book format

  • The Trellis and the Vine, Colin Marshall and Tony Payne
    Brand new from Matthias Media on the nature of Christian ministry and discipleship-making.

  • Anything by Tim Keller
    I actually don't own a single Keller book. His latest, Counterfeit Gods, is near the top of my wishlist, but any Keller book, I reckon, is worth owning.

  • Introverts in the Church by Adam McHugh
    I've actually been following the development of this book for a while now about a topic I'm very interested in - I've always hoped to write a long post/series of posts about this at some point. I've even entered a draw hoping to win a free copy (results pending), but if I don't get it, I'm sure I'll still buy this one.

  • Christ's victory over evil, ed. Peter Bolt
    To be honest, this book might be too heavyweight for me at the moment, but I reckon this will still prove valuable at some point.

  • A book that has yet to be written, to my knowledge...
    A thoughtful, insightful look into parent-children relationships from an Asian Christian perspective. To be fair, I do know someone who is at the moment working on a project that might explore this.

    OK, I'll stop here, already feeling guilty over book envy.

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