Friday, November 06, 2009


[Warning: potentially explosive]

"...And so the light of candle three
Today, is meant to help us see,
That waiting is a holy work
Of faith in God. Nor does there lurk
Beneath the timing of his ways
Some secret malice that displays
Itself in holding back the flow
Of future grace. God does not go
From here to there by shortest routes;
He makes a place for faith and doubts.
Nor does he hasten on his way,
But comes when it is best, today,
Or maybe twenty years from now,
Or more."
- John Piper

The Law is for the proud and the Gospel is for the brokenhearted.
- Martin Luther

Lord cut, Lord carve, Lord wound, Lord do anything that may perfect Thy Father's image in us...
- Samuel Rutherford, from a letter written in 1638

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