Saturday, December 12, 2009

The wrap makes a return

I don't think I've done an around the web post this year at all. Here you are then:

304,358 Malaysians migrated from March 2008 till August this year. That's a lot, so it's no wonder the debate has been rekindled. I think over half of my classmates from secondary school days are now overseas. Tay Tian Yan exhorts us to wake up to this reality. Farish Noor has the commentary: migration as protest. The follow-up. Helen Ang also has this must-read article analysing demographic trends in Malaysia. Don't miss that one. Finally, for a Christian perspective, Bishop Hwa Yung's article Should Christians emigrate?, first published in Kairos's Emerging Church Issues and reprinted here in NECF's newsletter, is a worthwhile read.

Jared Wilson usually has good gospel-centred stuff. 10 things good pastors say. Don't Waste Your Calvinism.

4 questions with D.A Carson.

The Gospel Old and New - Kevin DeYoung. Helps articulate some of my dis-ease with a few currently popular gospel presentations, although I hope we're humble enough to be aware of our own weaknesses as well.

Brothers together in Christ. Learning to love each other as Christian men.

Self Knowledge for godliness and ministry from Mark and Jennie Baddeley. I look after their kid in Sunday School btw, although they don't really know me. :) I linked only to part 6, but you can access parts 1-5 from this post. Worth reading, especially their reflections on personality tests in parts 3 onwards.

The 50 biggest movies of 2010.

Thought-provoking article examining friendship in the age of online social networking.

What were your worst books of the decade? I'm glad some people felt the way I did about Vernon God Little. Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist wasn't bad but disappointing as I had high expectations for it.

Shattering the Tiger [Woods] dream. Lessons learned.

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