Friday, September 26, 2008

Highs and lows

I was praying from upfront for the first time last week. I simply wanted to get through it enunciating my words properly and hoping that my accent wasn't too weird, but throughout the week, more than one member of the church family pulled me aside to tell me how much they found my prayers encouraging. For some reason, I never think of public prayers as one way of uplifting the congregation, but there you go!

Getting to see familiar faces, especially when I'm straining to make new friends in a new situation again. The Reasbecks, who used to pastor my home church before I was even born and whom my family has hosted on various occasions, were at that service when I prayed and gave me a very pleasant surprise when they came to say hi! And I've just returned from a lovely evening with Karen and her husband Geoffrey at the Inklings old haunt, the Eagle & Child, not having seen them for at least 4 years (maybe more than that).

Excited at watching some personal ministry modelled, and the moments where I'm grateful for this opportunity to be involved in such work myself.

I feel like I've let down some of my colleagues this week. I messed up with misplacing some items - I probably should have more willing to ask for help rather than letting pride dictate my actions, thinking I knew where those go. At least I should have kept track of where they ended up. They're being very gracious, but I probably could have done better. Ditto for being a housemate - I'm thinking I probably could be pulling my weight a little more.

Disappointed that one young international Christian didn't turn up at Bible study this week, and hoping that's just an abberation rather than a regular occurence.

[Sorry for the stream of more personal stuff for those of you who don't prefer such posts.]

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Blogger pearlie said...

Good going! I never quite like to pray public as well but I have a far bigger share than I would have preferred. Yes, public prayer requires a certain level pedagogy and it is hard therefore to pray publicly.

Aww .. you don't have to apologise for posting more personal stuff. It is good to have glimpses into our lives at times. As for me lately, I have been posting far too many personal stuff but I guess that is me and it is after my blog ;)

5:13 am  
Blogger Debibo said...

I like hearing about your personal life :) Then it doesn't feel like you're miles away.

10:40 am  

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