Friday, August 22, 2008

This week, briefly

I know - some of you want an update! This is the first time I've had internet for a week. It was quite nice to take a media fast, as it were, actually. I went one week with no internet, no TV, no papers, and not even radio, unless you count my new flatmate's classical collection. (I've been feeling like such a philistine while he rhapsodises about Rachmaninov and Vaughan Williams; I was relieved to see Miles Davis in his collection). So I've had no idea what's been happening in Beijing - I gather Usain Bolt actually broke Michael Johnson's record? - or Permatang Pauh or even London.

Still, it's not every week I have to dress as a mouse or have my face splattered with shaving foam and cheeseballs. I've been doing a holiday club/Vacation Bible School. I always think children's work is actually quite difficult, and I was very nervous, but got through this week alright, and had some fun along the way. There were both kids from Christian and non-Christian families. I played 'supersub', which basically means that instead of being a group leader, I slotted in wherever I was needed, eg. today one of the leaders was ill and so I basically took over his role. The downside to that though is that sometimes it would have been nicer to have a more defined, fixed role as there were times throughout where I felt a little on the edge not knowing where I was going to be used.

One thing that struck me was that even something like children's work, which might rank low on the list of what we consider as "gospel ministry", was treated with nothing but respect throughout. Each day all the leaders were fed from God's word as we listened to a mini-exposition (about 10 minutes) of 2 Corinthians 4 before we broke off to pray, and the effort put in by people to really try to engage with the kids was great to see.

Anyway, that's it for me from now. I've got the weekend off, and then I get ready for work proper on Wednesday. I'm still trying also to figure out my place in the scheme of things! Btw, I was originally planning to take a blogging sabbatical, but I've sort of already taken one. I might not post as regularly though, but that's a good thing actually. I can get quite addicted to the Net and it would be good not to be too wedded to it.

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