Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Britain's Got Talent 2008

This show's been as compelling as ever. I have to say, after watching the initial auditions, I was underwhelmed. There didn't seem to be as many unique and outstanding acts as last year, and just as disappointingly, even fewer so-bad-they're good trainwrecks. But in the end, I actually thought the Final was stronger this year. The eventual winner George Sampson, a breakdancer, who was also on last year's show, won me over with his fighting spirit, which was even more impressive considering he was not considered a top-2 act going in. (The bookmakers, rather mystifyingly, had listed the contemporary-classical music act Escala as the favourites).

Faryl Smith, whom I shall lazily describe as the next Charlotte Church, was second-favourite to win, and her absence from the top three can only be put down to the British public's decision to opt for something different after Paul Potts' win last year. It seems to me that this show attracts quite a lot of strong classical music acts - apart from Smith and Escala, there was also Andrew Johnson this year.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure:

There was one great trainwreck - an escape act gone wrong...

Faryl Smith's initial audition. Her family almost pulled her out before the semis over fears that the attention would be overwhelming. Simon Cowell was on the phone in a flash!

Signature, the eventual runners-up:

I can see why they didn't win, but I enjoyed them all the same - Kate and her dog Gin doing James Bond:

George Sampson, the winning act:

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