Friday, May 30, 2008

Traipsing around London / More on gospel outlines

God is worthy of our worship even on the bad days, but we praise Him on the good days too. :) I started the day with strangers but by the end of the day I think I can safely say I didn't.

Some of you might remember that I wrote on James Choung's new gospel outline, True Story a while back. Justin Taylor has now linked to Trevin Wax's fair-minded appreciation and critique of the accompanying book here. Also be sure to read the comment thread where James Choung's editor, Al Hsu, interacts with others on the subject of the gospel.

Some of you might wonder why I seem to bring up this issue often; it's because more than ever, I think many of us are actually quite confused on the content of the gospel and we need to get clarity on the heart of our faith, and such conversation helps us.

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