Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Live from the Dewan Rakyat

Part of the parliamentary sessions are being broadcast live for the first time in Malaysian history. Here's the first 10 minutes from yesterday's proceedings. It doesn't quite have the sharp verbal barbs often exchanged in other leaked Youtube videos of the Dewan - it's pretty sedate actually - but it's nice to know that our Parliament isn't always the Malaysian version of the WWE!

There's also a new Malaysian Christian initiative for public interest advocacy:
The Micah Mandate

Blurb from their website:
The MICAH MANDATE website is the result of the concerns and aspirations of a group of Christians who are praying that all Malaysians in general and Christian Malaysians in particular will be more constructively engaged in matters of social conscience, public service and nation building rather than to only remain in comfortable armchairs criticising other people and institutions. Actual involvement will better shape and clarify our thinking and our doing. In the process, we will meet and relate with others of all walks of life and learn to live and work together to build a better neighbourhood and a better world. (FAQ)

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