Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Just a couple of things that I thought was too good to pass up...

Those of you who've followed this blog for a little while now might remember me doing a series working through the complementarian and egalitarian views. I didn't touch on the Trinity then, but John Stackhouse of Regent College, an egalitarian, has a good post in which he sums up how both camps appeal to the Trinity to substantiate their respective positions before arguing that the Trinity doesn't prove anything about gender either way.

I listened to Mark Dever's message, Improving the Gospel at T4G, an American conference looking to find the centre ground of an increasingly fragmented evangelicalism, last week (although I'll admit I wasn't concentrating 100% of the time!). It's worth a listen as he wrestles with distinguishing between the gospel proper and what are merely implications of the gospel - might sound like an academic exercise but actually, how we understand the gospel really does impact what we see as priorities, how we witness etc. There's a good summary of his main points at Out of Ur. No substitute for listening it for yourself though, as the subsequent comment thread on the summary post shows. Ugh, lots of people were missing the point, it was just so frustrating to read! I don't know if I agree entirely with everything Dever says, but he's the smart guy and I'm not. But another smart guy, Mike Bird, has good thoughts on it. Bird wants to probe a little more on the details while agreeing with the thrust of Dever's message.

Trevix Wax has a follow up interview with N.T Wright and his new book, Surprised By Hope.

Stephen Murray: Why Being a Follower of Jesus is not enough.

Al Hsu on common ground between 'emergents' and 'new calvinists'. We've just finished a series on 1 John at church and I'm thinking that it's the biblical letter that we all need to hear the most in these times, with its tight emphasis on right belief and right living, both of which are essential, whatever label we self-identify by. I'll love at some point to read both Collin Hansen and Tony Jones's books and compare my own journey over the last couple of years.

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