Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Word Alive

New Word AliveI've been kind of wanting to go to New Word Alive (promotional video here), currently underway, this year but circumstances (jobless etc.) have dictated that I won't have been able to go anyhow. Also, I wanted to go with a few close friends as opposed to going with a big group of strangers / people I only vaguely know - this introverted exile needs a (relational) break from time to time - but sadly, most of them couldn't go. To be honest, none of them seemed even interested in going, which was quite disappointing even if in the end I couldn't go anyway.

NWA is a big evangelical UK Christian conference that runs for a week every year around Easter time. They had a little controversy last year with their trustees, UCCF and Keswick Ministries having a theological disagreement with their old partner, Spring Harvest and thus both deciding a split would be best for both parties. It's sad but hopefully healthy for the church in the long run. Hence, the "New" in the title, although hopefully by next year they'll have figured out a better name; I'm assuming NWA is provisional! Don Carson, John Piper and Terry Virgo are the main speakers for this year.

I can experience some of it vicariously though, Adrian Warnock is liveblogging the event. He's got copious notes on all the talks so far. I've also enjoyed his interview with Stuart Townend and his notes of Mike Ovey's seminar on humanity.

Tim Chester has blogged through some of the talks - if you just need a summary you might want to look at his instead of Warnock's stuff - and I'll update the links here if he blogs the rest as well.
Grace and Law (Terry Virgo, Romans 7)
The Cross and Propitiation (Don Carson, 1 John 1:1-2:2)
Treasuring Christ in the call to suffer (John Piper, Romans 8:1-35, Audio, but i haven't gotten it to work yet!)
Praise my Soul the king of heaven (Tim Chester's own reflections on worshipping at NWA)
Suffering and the praise of God's grace (John Piper, Romans 8, Audio)

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