Friday, April 04, 2008

Sick note

Been ill for most of this week. It's not as bad as the last time sickness assailed me but it seems to have lingered on for longer - I have the chills, a bad sore throat/cough, and my temperature fluctuates quite a bit. Twice I thought I was on the road to recovery only for my body to heat up again, so until I have 24 hours sans fever, I will not pronounce myself healthy. The sore throat might take a little longer to go away by the looks of it.

Hence the lack of blogging - well, not really. Even if I've been healthy, have had a bit of blogger's block recently. There have been dregs of posts floating around aimlessly in my mind, waiting to be fished out, prepared, and served accordingly, but I've not had the motivation/inspiration/energy lately to do anything about it. Then again, it's not like I'm Challies (as of today, 1617 days of consecutive blogging) or anything.

In the meantime, why don't you visit some of the blogs on my blogroll instead? :)

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Blogger pearlie said...

Take good care :)

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