Sunday, January 20, 2008

Profile of a baby-snatcher

Quake in fear, all mums and tots! BK is on the prowl...

Was on the Tube yesterday and probably stared too long at this super-cute toddler and his antics in the same carriage. I got out at Waterloo only to discover that the Jubilee Line wasn't running, so I hopped back onto the Northern Line to change at Kennington. Once at Kennington, got onto the train I wanted only to discover, having left them back at Waterloo, the same mum and cute tot! The mum was visibly startled to see me again, and after my earlier stare-a-thon she had probably sized me up as some pram-snatching stalker. Thankfully, once she started cooing at her kid again she forgot all about me.


Point of the post? Er, do I need one? I could talk about the other time when a fistfight broke out on my train carriage, shattered windows and all...

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