Friday, October 26, 2007

middle-aged Malaysia

I'm glad that there are other Christian bloggers who write about the socio-political realities currently facing Malaysians. I know I certainly don't write about them enough! *BK feels guilty*. I guess it's because I know others are already covering and commenting on these issues much better than I can, and the truth is that, as much as I try to keep up, I need to attend to my current reality, which is as a Malaysian living in the UK and who, at the moment, interacts with more non-Malaysians than Malaysians on a day-to-day basis. God loves Malaysia, but he loves other nations too.

But here's some stuff worthy of your attention:

Bob Kee has a great post + video on remembering Ops Lalang, 20 years later. I'm too young to have any recollection of this, so it was an eye-opening read.

Michael Backman has a very scathing column on the PM. I hate to say it, but without being disrespectful, performance-wise, Datuk Abdullah Badawi is the weakest Malaysian PM in history.

After some thought, I finally signed the petition to save the judiciary earlier this week. The non-action of the appointed taskforce only annoyed me and speeded up my decision.

Chris the Discordant Dude has some thoughts on a Merdeka Statement forum held in London this past week. Thanks DD for inviting me, and sorry I couldn't be there!

Deb's personal reflections.

Pinkpau's now famous diatribe on the judiciary issue, thanks to being linked by Jeff Ooi. I have to say, she's perfected the art of the rant!

I read Isaiah 14 this morning, and I am reminded that although it appears that the corrupt might get away with their hoarded riches, they will fall in the end. Don't give up yet!

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Blogger discordant dude said...

i agree, caring for our country is only a first step in realizing our responsibility as a human being in the global world.

hopefully, we can go for another one some other time...

4:48 am  

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