Thursday, September 13, 2007

On the England team

Having watched both England games over the past week, I had a lengthy post all lined up on a team reborn, but then Rob Smyth pre-empted me and said everything I was going to say. I agree, and it's time to end the Lampard-Gerrard experiment. Go read him!

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Blogger Tim said...

i've always thought that gareth barry was a left footed version of gerrard.

i suppose the question that must be asked now is.. "is gary neville's time up?" i'd like to say no, but micah richards is too good to leave out of the team..

6:43 am  
Blogger BK said...

Yeah, i've always like barry from kevin keegan days. I think it's more accurate to say he's more like a carrick though - he isn't a box-to-box player like gerrard, but he's very comfortable on the ball and is a very neat passer.

Hargreaves might still take his place, and with some justification, as he is the better defensive midfielder. I guess it boils to down to tactics; away to Russia I will pick Hargreaves. But Lampard should now be content with just being a squad player and primary backup to Gerrard.

Beckham's time is up. The toughest question for McLaren now is, where does Rooney fit?

6:07 pm  

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