Friday, August 24, 2007

The wrap

Let's get straight to it today:

We begin with a cute, heartwarming story of teenage girls at camp.

I forgot to include this in my last wrap, but this is really, really good: Distant Neighbours: Keeping Children Innocent when lesbians move in. Also by Amanda Witt, the blogger of the above post.

After hearing about Second Life in the news, I went to read the Wikipedia entry on it. It's quite creepy, actually. Second Life is an internet-based virtual world where you can actually live a parallel life, and as my brother pointed out, has a functioning economy. Apparently, you can even buy virtual Starbucks and Gap, and some religious groups have set up camp there. Brrrh!

The secret world of lonelygirl is just as fascinating. lonelygirl is a popular video blogger who turned out to be a work of fiction. Again, more conflation of fact with fiction; "faction" as we used to call it in my lit classes.

Josh Harris on his one and only week on Facebook.

This are useful pointers: How to respond to a racist joke in the workplace.

...and speaking of racial issues, there was an interesting Times feature on whether black runners are naturally faster, and the many dissenting comments.

Beloit College in the US put up a list every year on the world every incoming class has grown up in. This year's incoming first-years were born in 1989, and amongst other things,
  • the Berlin Wall has never existed
  • Nelson Mandela has always been free
  • rap music has always been mainstream
  • being "lame" has to do with being inarticulate or dumb, not disabled.
  • U2 was always a band.
  • being a latchkey kid has never been a big deal.
The entire list is obviously America-centric, but worth reading.

A light-hearted defense of hand-lifting in song-worshipping from Sam Storms. I agree whole-heartedly! (Despite being more timid in my current church environment)

100 words every high school graduate should know, according to the American Heritage dictionary editors. Uh oh, I'm in trouble!

Come into my Heart Lord Jesus?!? A plea for biblical accuracy in child evangelism. Another good read.

Richard Mouw on false teachers and false teaching. Earlier this year when I was looking through 2 Timothy, one of the church staff pointed out this distinction to me, which I hadn't realised. It really does affect one's approach to controversy.

And in a similar vein, Michael Jensen on christian polemics.

Top 10 most flattering portrayals of Christians in film

Finally, nothing novel here, but a refreshing read nevertheless on what it means to love: When it comes to love, I'm pro-choice.

Happy reading!

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