Thursday, September 06, 2007

What's your eschatology?

I couldn't resist taking this quiz, especially since i know that my own convictions about the last days/things/new world coming are really vague and not set in stone. If anything, this quiz proved that I'm as confused as ever!

You scored as Amillenialist, Amillenialism believes that the 1000 year reign is not literal but figurative, and that Christ began to reign at his ascension. People take some prophetic scripture far too literally in your view.



Moltmannian Eschatology








Left Behind




What's your eschatology?
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The phrasing of the questions isn't always the greatest (different people might have different definitions for "literal", "figurative" or "reign", for example), and I truly didn't know what my opinion was on some of the things queried. I've always thought I'll either end up amillenial or historic premillenial, and was actually expecting myself to score higher on the premillenial side than I did.

Here's a useful chart comparing the four main eschatological positions.

I don't know much about Moltmann apart from the fact that he's a well-known non-evangelical 20th century theologian. As far as I know, his eschatology is one in which Christians should work to bring the kingdom, or future, into being in this world, in which hope plays a central part. Something like that anyway. Preterism is a minority position that has recently been gaining more currency, which holds that many (or all?) the prophecies concerning the Last Days were actually fulfilled in the 1st century, eg. destruction of Jerusalem in AD.70. R.C Sproul and N.T Wright are preterists.

Left Behind? Too late, we already have! :-p

Vern Poythress' The Returning King, available for free online, is a useful introduction to the book of Revelation.

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Blogger Scott said...

I am a former full preterist. I have recently posted an article on my blog on why I can no longer accept that position.

Please check it out.

8:38 am  

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