Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Agora: Asian Perspectives of Jesus

I want to highlight a really good article, Asian perspectives of Jesus, by Tan Kang San, formerly of OMF Malaysia over at The Agora. It deserves widespread circulation. It's stimulating and thought-provoking on a difficult issue that demands more reflection. Here's the intro to whet your appetite:
Jesus came from Asia. Hypothetically, Jesus is more Asian than Western in outlook and cultural values. But Christianity was brought to Asia by Western missionaries. Did Western missionaries faithfully deliver the biblical, Jewish Jesus to the people in Asia or did they betray Jesus and his message by presenting a Western Christ? Today, Asian churches are actively sending out missionaries. How can missionaries, from Asia and the West, preach a faithful and biblical portrait of Jesus who is true to his Jewish roots and dynamically related to the hearts and minds of local peoples?

Missionaries seek to faithfully transmit the life and message of the historical Jesus found in the Bible. However, in the process of gospel transmission, there is always a danger of foreign cultural additions that Jesus became portrayed as an Englishman or Christianity is seen as a Western religion...

Read Asian Perspectives of Jesus in its entirety. And do share your thoughts!

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