Saturday, June 09, 2007

10 random facts about me

Deb's asked me to do this meme, and I'll oblige.
  1. I have good hand-eye coordination – I played catcher on my class softball team – but I have poor motor skills. To this day I cut things slowly and crookedly, and I can’t draw a straight line without the help of a ruler. On occasion I have trouble discerning what is straight.

  2. I tend to make up imaginary worlds, even today. I still remember in Primary 1 how I concocted a whole story in my head about two guys fighting each other and using my fingers to enact the whole scene, and one of my classmates looking at me in puzzlement. Now sometimes I see someone or something and find myself inventing a narrative for them.

  3. I once attacked somebody with a badminton racket. Yes, you can close your open mouth now. Hey, I’m a sinner too! As you can imagine, my parents weren’t too happy with me about that one.

  4. And I was once attacked by a reindeer. Yes, a real reindeer. No, he didn’t have a red nose, he had fearsome antlers!

  5. For those of you who don’t know already, I love playing chess, and played on my school team. I haven’t played often in the last 3 years though.

  6. I can often think of something eloquent to say...12 hours after the conversation has passed. Don’t you hate it whenever you suffer brain freeze?

  7. I love cats, although it’s probably morally superior to love dogs. :-D My late cat was a much cherished companion growing up, and I once contemplated kidnapping Pogo, the cat at Somerville College, Oxford.

  8. I never planned on applying to Oxford, and only did so at the encouragement of my tutor and my classmates (they were mad that the principal didn’t regard me as Oxbridge material and wanted me to sock it to him. Ah, such loyalty.) I was so convinced I wouldn’t get in that I didn’t bother waiting at the appointed time when they said they might call if I got an offer. Instead, I went with my church into the interior of Sarawak to a longhouse! So my mum received the call instead and I only found out two days later.

  9. I struggle with self-confidence, and I suspect that it’s something I’ll struggle with the rest of my life. The up side is that it means sometimes I’m driven to be more dependent on God, the downside being that I’m frequently unwilling to leave my comfort zone. I get scared when I’m in a big crowd where I know no one.

  10. I tend to see things other people don’t, and miss the stuff that’s just plain common sense to others.

I won't tag anyone, but feel free to pick it up if you're so inclined.


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