Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reboot attempt #491

When your own sister texts you wondering if this blog is permanently dead, I guess it was time to get a move on. That, and the fact that today has been quite a depressing day. It's been stop-start all year round here, and I even missed one whole month for the first time ever, I believe. I've finally changed the tagboard, and will try to update my book/films list and maybe even refurbish the links a little at some point, hopefully soon.

But what have I been up to is the question uppermost on your minds, I'm sure. I mean, c'mon, from the moment you managed to clear the grogginess from your head after destroying the alarm clock to the moment you jumped into bed after stealing the duvet from your spouse/sibling/flatmate/cat in the dead of night, that's all you were thinking about!


As it turns out, my student days are not quite over. Yes, rather surreally, I have joined the ranks of postgraduate students - something that I never in my wildest dreams actually fathomed. But I guess this is a little different - I'm actually doing a more vocationally-based Masters (in Publishing), as opposed to my first degree (in English Literature) which was very academic in nature, although I will still be writing a research dissertation at the end of it.

Also, after years of resisting, I have, after 3 years, finally ended up in London, at least for the coming year. If things go well, it looks like London will be my base for the next couple of years actually. I guess I feel more prepared for London life now, having had time to mature a little(at least, I hope so!). I'm glad I lived in Shrewsbury and then Oxford first though, to get a better glimpse of this country since London is so atypical of England.

One question I've been asked quite frequently recently is along the lines of how I'm finding/settling in London, and to tell you the truth, I still don't quite know. In some ways, I've gotten used to life here fairly quickly, since I've been here for short periods of time before, so the public transport system, for example, is familiar. The college I'm attending is very different from Oxford, but, at least right now, I'm actually welcoming the change. On the other hand, I do miss the more cosy atmosphere of Oxford, and as is the case when moving to a new place, developing friendships take time. I think it's even harder than usual and can be very frustrating in a huge place like London, and I do miss some of my old friends. It's hard to find kakis to go watch a movie with, especially now that the cinema is no longer 5 minutes down the road!

Anyway, I'll try to weave blogging into the fabric of my life better and let's hope that I'll actually manage a decent run of posts at least once this year!

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