Monday, November 03, 2008

No more Obamamania

I think Obama is going to win. He was always going to be the favourite, and I was convinced he would be Bush's successor a month ago, where I just didn't see anything other than some out-of-the-blue event which could inspire a McCain comeback.

Which is fine. I don't really know if I would have voted for him or not, but I think Obama is a decent man and for all his inexperience at executive level, he seems capable enough to me, even if I can't endorse his pro-choice stand. That he is the first black man to become US president should be applauded. And I'm not an American citizen, so in one sense it doesn't matter.

For me, the only tiresome thing about this election is the hyperbolic rhetoric used throughout. It's as if the fate of the entire world hinges on whether Obama gets elected or not (be it the redemption or end of civilization as we know it, depending on which side you're on). Please, people, have some perspective.

I would have preferred it if more people simply said things the way these two have. Obama, like all government leaders, needs prayer, and we know that God works good in all things. God, remember him?

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