Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We interrupt this regular transmission to bring you breaking news...

Happy birthday to me
I turn twenty-three!
I still have no money
Or my own biographeeeeee!


In other news, conclusive evidence that BK's tutors are on crack surfaced today when he discovered that he had been awarded a distinction for his Masters. BK(MA)?!!??

An empty apartment, furnished with a television and a petulant adolescent will also be in the charge of BK for the next ten days or so. George is your typical teenager, sucking up to you when he wants something (particularly food), before sullenly ignoring you once the stomach is filled. Or else demanding inordinate amounts of attention while expecting you to clean up after him. At the same time, George is capable of tugging at your heartstrings, as he did this evening while I was leaving, staring woefully at me in the hallway with his puppy-dog pout. Don't tell George I said that though, as he won't appreciate it. He is a feline after all.

Anyway, I might not blog for the remainder of 2007; at the very least, I expect blogging output to be reduced. So have a very Merry Christmas!

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Blogger pearlie said...

Merry Christmas, BK!

2:51 am  

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