Saturday, November 24, 2007


I found out that Deb and Sarah won! Context here.

Today, I stayed in this afternoon and found myself listening to audio clips of various Christmas albums off the internet.

Today, I read a lengthy interview with N.T Wright. It's very, very good. I only have hazy notions of his views on Romans 2, so I can't really say much on that. I've been teaching Romans 1-5 in small groups and Romans 2 has been the toughest passage to get to grips with so far. I still maintain he's completely missed the point of Pierced for Our Transgressions though.

Today, I also read an older interview with Eugene Peterson on spirituality.

Today, I did NOT reread a chapter on work from Guidance and the Voice of God. That was last night. It was good and necessary to recover my bearings as I continue to seek employment, and try not to feel too discouraged.

Today, I thought that there are seriously many bright and talented people out there.

Today, I tried to be thankful.

Today, Australia has a new Prime Minister. Just had to point that out because it was on the front page of just about every news outlet I saw, on and offline, today.

Today, I knew that injuries had fatally crippled my Fantasy NBA team.

Today, I ate fried chicken.

Today is really, really cold.

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