Thursday, August 31, 2006

Malaysia at 49

I have never failed to wish Malaysia a happy Merdeka day on this blog. And even though I've been on hiatus, this year will be no exception. And even though this is the first time I've ever been away from Malaysia on the 31st of August, even though there is no indication here that you've turned 49, I remember.

And I remember too how, 9 years ago, I saw a TIME special issue on "India at 50" and wondered where we would be once we got there. I believe in that same year, TIME also ran a profile on Anwar Ibrahim, pre-reformasi days, and how he was one of Asia's fastest-rising leaders. How times have changed.

And though you, Malaysia, can be really frustrating sometimes, I desire to remain committed to you. I get a little afraid sometimes, wondering if I will be seduced by the riches on this side of the world. But I am heartened, heartened by the example of some who have willingly ventured to your shores, even though they have less kinship with you than I, motivated by the love of God.

Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia. See you soon (but not too soon! =>)

[Regular blogging may resume soon.]