Saturday, September 26, 2009


Some of my readers would know this by now. Due to the way my visa situation has developed, mostly due to the way the entire immigration system in the UK has been restructured, I'm leaving the UK next week. Hopefully, this is merely temporary, and I would be back in a few weeks time with a fresh visa, but nothing is entirely clear-cut at the moment. In theory, all the paperwork seems fine, but it's hard to be confident in the current climate.

It is quite a worrying and disappointing time for me, of course, to say nothing of the disruption it's causing the international student ministry here. I also have had, and probably will continue to, wrestle with trusting God and his sovereignty and goodness. It also means I'm forced to evaluate how much stock I'm putting into my own plans and whether I am willing to allow God to change them.

Nonetheless, I can already see the positive side of going home at this point in time. It'd be great to actually be back in Malaysia for more than just a week or so and see how it's going, to catch up with people (maybe even some of you?), to have some reflection time, and as my supervisor put it, to see what good works God has prepared for me to do.

Thank you to those who have prayed and continue to pray for me. It is much appreciated.

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