Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Guardian Books section has laid out a feast of sumptuous articles this week. First off, they highlight the Awful Library Books blog, which in turns features such gems as My Cat's in Love: How to Survive your feline's sex life and What's Wrong with my Snake?.

Their Top 10 list continues this week with the Top 10 teenage characters. Got a little excited at seeing Z for Zachariah on the list, a book currently lying about somewhere back home in Malaysia which I read ages and ages ago.

Then there's a tribute to Neil Gaiman. The comments thread was split. I've read Stardust and Coraline, which I enjoyed, but haven't quite seen that "it" factor that has his hardcore fans raving and has won him numerous Hugos. I would certainly be willing to pick up another Gaiman book. Even if he has also written a near-blasphemous Narnian short story, with adult themes and all. We shall speak no more of it.

Then there's the good bad book, i.e the books that you know are meant to be bad but you consume them anyway. I think GK Chesterton called them penny dreadfuls. That immediately caused a Malory Towers craving in me. And I guess the Star Wars Expanded Universe series falls in here as well (although the last one I read, Christie Golden's Omen, was pretty awful. See the relevant review here (spoiler alert!).

There's also The Travel Bookshop's 10 favourite travel reads.

OKlah, enough nerdiness dispensed.

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