Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spain 3 Russia 0

I have to say, I really did enjoy this game. Spain are a very good team technically, and I particularly noted their excellence in ball control and on the turn. The second half in particular was a masterclass. To be fair, Russia are not a bad team, but I suspect that they happen to play a style which the Spanish enjoy playing against. In the second half, they failed to use the flanks as much offensively and failed to press defensively, as they did in the first, and coupled with Spain's edge in quality when it comes to delivery of the final ball, this resulted in a rather decisive Spanish win. Btw, which coach wouldn't be envious of a squad which gets to bring on Fabregas and Alonso as subs?

Spain were actually the team I was ready to support going into Euro 2008, but because of their reputation as chokers as well as the emergence of the Dutch team in the group stages, I was rather reticient in declaring my allegiance. But I am definitely backing the Spanish against the Germans in the Final! (Hope I didn't just jinx them...)


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