Monday, February 25, 2008

Wordsmiths: The Joy of words

Yes, I agree with you, there's just been too much self-aggrandising, pompous verbosity around this blog lately. We're in need of an antidote. C'mon BK, if you have to be leaking words, at least make sure they don't drip uselessly into a sea of nothingness! Be like today's wordsmith, exulting in

The Joy of words :D
words words words
Writing is joy
so saints and scholars all pursue it.
A writer makes new life in the void,
knocks on silence to make a sound,
binds space and time on a sheet of silk
and pours out a river from an inch-sized heart.
As words give birth to words
and thoughts arouse deeper thoughts,
they smell like flowers giving off scent,
spread like green leaves in spring,
A long wind comes, whirls into a tornado of ideas,
and clouds rise from the writing-brush forest.

- Lu Ji (261-303)

Source: The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry, Tony Barnstone and Chou Ping (eds.)

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