Friday, February 22, 2008

Malaysian election web goodies

Update: More links added. [Waves at everyone coming from Mkini]

Yeah, I know it's a lot of posts today, but wanted to try to separate all of these out:

For those who don't know already, Malaysia Votes is a pretty helpful website for a closer look at election issues and political analysis. I recognise one of the names from the Sun.

And there's an interesting if critical opinion piece in Malaysiakini on the (non-?)role of Christians in Malaysian politics.

Plus The Centre for Public Policy Studies, an independent, non-partisan thinktank is probably worth a look - I haven't though.

Malaysian Media Monitors Diary, run by Aliran and CIJ.

DAP unshoots foot, PAS takes 2 steps forward, UMNO unleashes anti-kafir kafir. Interesting election short stories, and an unabashed plea on behalf of the opposition.

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