Friday, February 01, 2008

NBA watch

I see that the NBA All-Stars were named today, which means that it's halfway through the season. It's been an interesting season, and at this stage there's no clear favourite, not even the Boston Celtics, who after their amazing 29-3 start have cooled off considerably - they won't be repeating Jordan's Bulls as the only team to win 70 games in a season. This is a season as good as any where an unheralded team could nip in and steal a title.

The Spurs and Mavs haven't been quite up to their usual high standards, and to a lesser extent, the same goes for the Pistons. The Portland Trail Blazers have been quite the surprise package so far, and have cemented Nate McMillan's position as the best young coach currently in the game (sorry, Avery). Although I don't think Brandon Roy should have been an All-Star just yet, although there's no doubt he's very good, just not better than either Baron Davis or Deron Williams at this point. I'll have to grudgingly admit that the Lakers' above-par performance so far shows Phil Jackson in a positive light. Chris Paul, meanwhile is fast becoming one of the elite point guards in the game, and the New Orlean Hornets are definitely on the right track. I'm glad for them, because Paul, on all accounts, is a decent young man and the team has provided a boost for this recovering city.

Lots of interesting names in the mix for Most Improved Player as well. Chris Kaman has become a legit center, thanks in part to the injury to Brand. Same goes for Andrew Bynum. Hedo Turkoglu had an outside chance of becoming an All-Star this year, and I'm glad to see him doing well on my team, Orlando Magic. Some of the Sacramento Kings, John Salmons and Francisco Garcia, have shown they can play as well. And how about Toronto's Jose Calderon? He's a rookie, so not exactly qualified for the award, but he played overseas for a couple of years before finally getting a shot at the NBA this year, and he has an amazingly impressive assists:turnover ratio.

OK, all this basketball talk must have bored you football fans out there, so you can go and check out this column on David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo instead. If only I can watch the NBA here in the UK!


Anonymous LeoneL said...

i agree that chris paul is fast becoming a great PG. he plays well on both ends and has the prerequisite pass-first mentality to become an elite pointguard.
expect better things from this youngster. definitely an all-star.

7:37 am  
Blogger BK said...

wow, i'm thrilled that someone has actually commented on an NBA-related post!

Absolutely right on the pass-first mentality; you don't get that so much from many "star" PGs nowadays. Although some people seem to think that while Paul is the better all-round PG, Deron Williams runs a team's offence better.

10:44 pm  

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